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Keyvan Vakili

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

Keyvan Vakili is a strategy scholar interested in the antecedents of innovation and collaboration within creative settings. In particular, he explores how the technological and institutional contexts in which individuals and firms operate shapes their choice of collaboration and consequently the characteristics of their innovations in terms of novelty and impact. Keyvan explores these topics in three related research streams.

In his first research stream, he explores how the technological context, such as the pace of change, modularity, and breadth of applications, moderate the costs and benefits associated with knowledge diversity and distant recombinations. The findings contribute to our understanding of the relationship between knowledge diversity and the characteristics of innovation output in terms of novelty and impact. In the second research stream, he takes a step back to study how the external environment influences the decision of individuals and firms to collaborate and the composition of their collaborative arrangements in the first place. In his third research stream, Keyvan focuses on how scientists and inventors choose the topics or areas in which they invest their efforts.

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