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Sebastian Hoenen Research Prize

In memory of Sebastian Hoenen

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The SEI Consortium is proud to announce the 2024 Sebastian Hoenen Research Prize. The prize seeks to recognize early career scholars working at the forefront of strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship who have conducted adventurous, creative, and rigorous research. Nominations are open to graduates of European institutions within five years since the completion of their thesis.

The prize is named in memory of Sebastian Joseph Hoenen, who passed away on March 31, 2019 at age 31. Before his illness, Sebastian had started his post-doctoral studies at Rotterdam School of Management, following the completion of his doctoral degree in management studies at Wageningen University. During his doctoral studies, Sebastian visited Bocconi and the University of Bath. He presented his formative work at the SEI conference in ETH in 2016, and his research appeared in Industrial and Corporate Change, Organization Science, Research Policy, and Review of Economics and Statistics.

The prize is accompanied by a 1000 EURO award, provided generously by his surviving family and by former colleagues, collaborators, and employers.

Candidates for the award:

  • Must be a doctoral graduate of a European institution (including those in countries outside the European Union). 

  • Graduated or submitted their thesis after January 2020.

  • Make a personal nomination for consideration for the award.


The candidates will be assessed on scientific merit alone. Normally, the prize will be awarded to a single individual, although individuals may have published in teams. Diego Zunino from Skema Business School was awarded the prize in 2022 and Yash Raj Shrestha from the University of Lausanne was awarded the prize in 2023. Applications will be assessed based on their (formative) track record in conducting research that is original, significant, and rigorous. Particular attention will be placed on the ability to generate new insights and understanding, and on using new data and methods. 

The application and award process


Applicants must submit an application to the Prize Committee chair, Christos Kolympiris, at, by July 15, 2024. The heading of the email submitting the application should be titled “2024 Sebastian Hoenen prize application”. The application must include: 1) a 2 max page academic CV, 2) a research statement of a maximum of 500 words, 3) a commitment to attend SEI 2024, and 4) up to three nominated outputs (unpublished manuscripts or published papers) for consideration. All documents should be in PDF.


The prize will be awarded during SEI 2024 at ESSEC Business School which will run on the 20th to 21st of September 2024.

The award committee is composed of: 

Thomas Astebro (HEC), Stefano Brusoni (ETH), Paola Criscuolo (Imperial), Peter G. Klein (Baylor), Christos Kolympiris (Warwick, Chair), Taco Reus (RSM), Ammon Salter (Warwick), Orietta Marsili (Bristol), and Valentina Tartari (CBS).

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